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He died doing what he loved. Eating pancakes... I'd probably leave the house more often if I could shoot fireballs at everybody and collect a bunch of coins... Every time my phone dies, I die a little inside... If only I could make a career out of sweaty feet... Somewhere, somebody just discovered there isn't room to stick any more needles into their voodoo doll of me... Life is a drinking game and I'm kickin' some serious ass... I never got any gold stars as a kid. That's why I'm here... Prove to me that the ocean isn't made of fish tears. You can't... I take the extra out of extraordinary... Too bored to stay home, too lazy to go out... Just discovered this old timey internet called a "library"... My only goal in life is to die at some point... Take my advice, don't take my advice... Why are you reading my bio? I mean this is the second time today! It still says the same thing it did when you first read it!
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