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State Team Championships For Area Schools
Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 -- 1:40 pm
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

The WIAA has provided a list of all the State Team Championships and here's how some area schools have fared over the years....

Abbotsford (cool.gif
Baseball-Spring D4-2006
Volleyball-Girls C-1981 C-1982 D4-1983 D4-1997 D4-1998 D4-1999 D4-2001

Altoona (4)
Basketball-Boys C-1939
Basketball-Girls D3-2011
Softball D2-2001
Track & Field-Boys C-1934

Auburndale (4)
Baseball-Spring 1960
Baseball-Summer 1970
Basketball-Boys D3-1993 D3-2000

Augusta (2)
Basketball-Girls D4-1996
Football D6-1989

Cadott (5)
Football D4-1999
Track & Field-Girls D3-1994 D3-1997
Wrestling D3-2001 D3-2007

Colby (3)
Football D4-1998 D5-2008 D5-2011

Edgar (15)
Basketball-Boys D4-1997
Cross Country-Girls C-1983 C-1988 D3-2008 D3-2009
Football D4-1979 D5-1992 D5-1999 D5-2001 D6-2009 D6-2010
Track & Field-Boys D3-2012
Track & Field-Girls D3-2010 D3-2011 D3-2012

Fall Creek (12)
Basketball-Boys C-1937 C-1984 C-1985
Basketball-Girls C-1985 C-1987 C-1988 D3-1996
Cross Country-Girls D3-1997
Football D5-1993 D5-1994
Track & Field-Girls D3-1999 D3-2000

Gilman (4)
Basketball-Girls C-1983
Football D6-1986 D7-2006 D7-2012 D3-1999 D3-2000

Granton (1)
Football D7-2011 co-op with Greenwood

Greenwood (5)
Baseball-Spring C-1988 C-1990
Basketball-Boys C-1988
Football D6-1990 D7-2011 - co-op with Granton

Loyal (4)
Softball 1978 B-1979 B-1980
Volleyball-Girls C-1979

Marshfield (5)
Football D1-1997 D1-2001 D1-2002
Softball D1-1991 D1-1997

McDonell Central (3)
Cross Country-Boys D3-2001
Softball D4-2008
Volleyball-Girls D4-2009

Neillsville (2)
Basketball-Girls D4-2012
Wrestling B-1983

Osseo-Fairchild (13)
Football D4-1977 D5-1981 D5-1982 D5-1996 D5-2000
Golf-Boys D3-1994 D3-1995 D3-1996 D3-1999 D3-2000 D3-2003 D3-2004 D3-2006

Owen-Withee (2)
Football D6-1992 D6-1999

Regis (4)
Baseball-Spring D3-2002
Basketball-Girls D4-2003 D4-2011
Football D7-2003

Spencer (1)
Baseball-Spring D3-1994

Stanley-Boyd (3)
Football D4-1991 D4-1995
Volleyball-Girls D3-2006

Stratford (cool.gif
Football D5-1986 D6-2003 D6-2004 D6-2005 D6-2006 D6-2007 D6-2008
Track & Field-Boys D3-2008

Thorp (1)
Football D6-1993

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