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NGL Has 3 Regional Champs/Medford Takes Team Title
Saturday, February 9th, 2019 -- 7:30 pm
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

The Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal wrestling team will send 3 wrestlers to the Neillsville Sectional next Saturday, Feb. 16th while Medford will head to the Team Sectional at Osceola after winning the Black River Falls/Lincoln Regional on Saturday.

Team Scores:
1 Medford 245.0
2 Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee 200.0
3 Spencer/Columbus Catholic 163.0
4 Abbotsford/Colby 157.0
5 Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal 156.0
6 Black River Falls/Lincoln 58.0

Individual results - Top 2 in each weight class advance to Individual Sectionals
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Blaine Brenner of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
2nd Place - River Halopka of Abbotsford/Colby
3rd Place - Jarick Young of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Treyton Ackman of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
2nd Place - Sasha Nitz of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
3rd Place - Kayden Dassow of Medford

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Ashton Ackman of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
2nd Place - Ruben Sanchez of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
3rd Place - Eli Mahner of Medford
4th Place - Jose Rodriguez of Abbotsford/Colby
5th Place - Josiah Horvath of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Eric Rehbein of Medford
2nd Place - Leonardo Rodriguez of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
3rd Place - Dustin Bergman of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dane Higgins of Medford
2nd Place - Jacob Dick of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
3rd Place - Kyler Rakovec of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Jose Tzintzun of Abbotsford/Colby

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Andy Poetzl of Medford
2nd Place - Russell Dorn of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
3rd Place - Mason Wellman of Abbotsford/Colby
4th Place - Xander Hinker of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
5th Place - Andres Rodriguez of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
6th Place - Brian Higuet of Black River Falls/Lincoln

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Zeke Sigmund of Medford
2nd Place - Logan Ruesch of Abbotsford/Colby
3rd Place - Sebastiaan Visscher of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Joseph McDermond of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Emett Grunwald of Medford
2nd Place - Chance Clement of Abbotsford/Colby
3rd Place - Tommy Friemoth of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
4th Place - Dalton McDermond of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
5th Place - Silas Cleveland of Black River Falls/Lincoln

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Nathan Buchanan of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
2nd Place - Carson Hildebrandt of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
3rd Place - Cody Church of Medford
4th Place - Carter Potaczek of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
5th Place - Noah OBrien of Black River Falls/Lincoln
6th Place - Luke Carlson of Abbotsford/Colby

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Joseph Aguilera of Abbotsford/Colby
2nd Place - Clay Bowe of Medford
3rd Place - Preston Potaczek of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
4th Place - Tanner Kleinschmidt of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
5th Place - Jacob Blackdeer of Black River Falls/Lincoln
6th Place - Micah Horvath of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Tanner Zschernitz of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
2nd Place - Hayden Johnson of Medford
3rd Place - Matt Brown of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
4th Place - Asia Rave of Black River Falls/Lincoln
5th Place - Andrew Jeske of Abbotsford/Colby
6th Place - Ayden Hauke of Spencer/Columbus Catholic

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Stephen Buchanan of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
2nd Place - Sean Johnson of Black River Falls/Lincoln
3rd Place - Dalton Krug of Medford
4th Place - Daniel Richmond of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
5th Place - Evan Meeker of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
6th Place - Angel Diaz of Abbotsford/Colby

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Jake Rau of Medford
2nd Place - Carter Grewe of Abbotsford/Colby
3rd Place - Tyler Krizan of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
4th Place - Jacob Baumgartner of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal
5th Place - Kaleb Dobson of Black River Falls/Lincoln
6th Place - Sawyer Kilty of Spencer/Columbus Catholic

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Logan Zschernitz of Spencer/Columbus Catholic
2nd Place - Sean Hassemer of Stanley-Boyd/Owen-Withee
3rd Place - Angelo Hutman of Abbotsford/Colby
4th Place - Braiden Pedretti of Neillsville/Greenwood/Loyal

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