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Neillsville Rec. Department Standings
Monday, March 26th, 2018 -- 10:49 am
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

Here are the final standings for the Neillsville Rec. Department's men's basketball and co-ed volleyball leagues....

Men's Basketball League, Final Standings:

Urban Sales & Service 11-2

Trunkel's Home Improvements 11-2

Northside Elevator 7-6

Grassland Dairy Products 7-6

Strike Time Lanes 5-8

Benz Sawmill 1-12

Members of the co-champs: "Urban Sales & Service" Matt Diestler, Adam Luchterhand, Darrin Kurth, Adam Kren, Duane King, Mark Garbisch, Jason Kurth, Cody Roman, Brian Waters, Mike Dux & Derrick Krejci

Members of the co-champs: "Trunkel's Home Improvements" Cain Trunkel, Kaleb Grap, Bryce Backaus, Dodge Langreck, Connor Staab, Lou Ashbeck & Leo Braun

Coed Volleyball, Final Results

Hemp Machine 38-10

Opelt Sand & Gravel 33-15

Bunkhouse Tavern 28-20

White Oaks Sporting Clays 17-31

Brickyard Tavern 4-44

Members of the championship team included: Kendie & Sammie Pfeiffer, Kate Hare, Bronson Langreck, Cody Friemoth & Randy Susa

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