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Chatty Belle - The World's Largest Talking Cow

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006 -- 8:24 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

Neillsville’s second set of traffic lights will be activated this week as crews wrap up work on the Highway 10 and 73 intersection.

Greg Helgeson, Traffic Engineer for the Wisconsin DOT, says the milestone will mark the end of the intersection improvement project, which began in June.

Aside from the lights, the intersection has been widened to make it easier on the many semi drivers who travel through Neillsville.

“When some of the trucks make their right turns, they have to encroach into the oncoming traffic, we wanted to make those turns easier,” Helgeson explains.

The lights will be turned on in “flashing mode” this week to allow drivers to acclimate to the new intersection.

“You’ll see flashing yellow on US HWY 10 and flashing red on HWY 73 and Grand Avenue. It will still function as a two-way stop until next week,” Helgeson says.

When the lights are activated next week, they’ll operate as “actuated signals”.

“There are sensors in the pavement that will detect vehicles. The signal will rest “green” on HWY 10 unless other vehicles are detected on Grand Avenue, or HWY 73,” Helgeson says.

One note… when the signals begin flashing: flashing “red” means “stop”, flashing “yellow” means “caution”.

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