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Tim Voigt of Custom Heating and Cooling Talks Propane Shortage, Final
Thursday, January 30th, 2014 -- 8:53 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-As the long and harsh winter continues to tighten its icy grip on Central Wisconsin, many residents are facing not only higher priced propane, but a shortage as well.

When I asked Tim Voigt, owner of Custom Heating and Cooling in Neillsville, whether there was any end in sight with the shortage, he said he wished he could give me good news.

"I would love to say yes. I think I could probably create a lot of positive votes if I ever ran for mayor if I could figure that out and give people good news, but it's not going to happen, Riley," joked Tim. "The other thing I want to mention is there is fuel assistance for emergency money. The state does have emergency money, so please, if you buy LP, you can contact us and we'll put you through the proper channels to get some help with this. As far as the end to it, they're hoping to get something done next week, but as of right now every company that buys LP has to pay upfront to get it and it's a very expensive thing, but, once again, we're all in this together and we just have to work hard to get through it."

Gov. Scott Walker announced Monday the state will help propane dealers secure loans to purchase gas and release more money to help low-income propane users.

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