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13th Annual Women’s Alumni Volleyball Tournament
Monday, January 13th, 2014 -- 12:58 pm
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

The 13th Annual Women’s Alumni Volleyball Tournament was held this past Saturday in Neillsville.

“Diggin For a Cause”

14 Teams Participated Proceeds were donated to a Neillsville Alumnus who is battling cancer.
82 X $5 = $ 410

1,2,3’s Division Results: (more mature group)

1st Place: Kiss My Pass
Team members: Tracey (Walker) Kurth ’97, Beth (Walker) Zank ’01, Carrie (Seelow) Carlson ’95, Laura (Proffit) Walk ’97 & Wendy Proffitt ’90.

2nd Place: Having Fun & Still Playing
Team members: Emile (Raine) Miller ’78, Valerie (Meredith) Eiden ’79, Amy (Poeschel) Harder ’79, Jenny (Romens) Erickson ‘90
Loriann (Dux) Langreck ’78 & Mandy (Leitzen) Ruff ‘93

3rd Place: Hit-Eattin Grinners:
Team members: Bridget (Opelt) Rakovec ’01, Holly Opelt ’08, Sheila Opelt ’09 Rachel (Kriegel) Miller “01, Jillayne Opelt ’14, & Stephanie Opelt ‘06

4th Place: 80 Something Girls
Team members: Sheryl (Henning) Nielsen ’86, Terrie (Dyer) Opelt ’87, Jill (Hagen) Opelt ’87, Michelle Grap ’87, Stacey (Perkins) Zank ’87, Shannon (Tollefson) Huth ’88, Janet Meredith ‘87

5th Place: Older Bud Wiser
Team members: Kari (Mohr) Mayer ’88, Tammy (Heck) Hagen ’88, Lisa Sromek ’88, Becky (Kyle) Hynes ’88, Lisa Opelt ’88 & Cyndi (Kuehl) Anderson ‘88

6th Place: ½ Dozen Cousins
Team members: Nicole (Friemoth) Parker ’98, Rachel (Friemoth) Reinart ’96, Jessica (Friemoth) Melvin ’01, Miranda (Nordman) Helming ’05, Bev Friemoth ’92 & Kandi (Friemoth) Ebert ‘01

7th Place: Bump Uglies
Team members: Stephanie (Siebert) Potter ’94, Tammy (Siebert) Gurney ’92, Pam (Siebert) Gotto ’85, Tracey (Siebert) Quast ’86, Jacki Hineline ’93 & Shelly (Siebert) Stephenson ‘90

A,B, C’s Division Results: (younger group)

1st Place: One Hit Wonders
Team members: Caitlynne Naughton ’13, Lindsey Opelt ’13, Alissa Durham ’13, Katrina Strobush ’12, Kendie Pfeiffer ’12 & Alleah Voigt ’13

2nd Place: UTI’s
Team members: Krista (Opelt) Kodl ’03, Megan Kuchenbecker ’03, Jenny Buchholz ’03, Amanda (Opelt) Erickson ’03 & Ashley Gaier ‘03

3rd Place: Amanda’s Amoral, Awesome Athletes
Team members: Kate Mueller ’96, Amanda Mueller ‘ 00, Claire (McConnell) Brown ’04, Kelly (McConnell) Dunek ’01, Julia (McConnell) Diggins ’98, Becky (Larsen) Bauer ’02 & Julie (Simek) Bennett ‘99

4th Place: Victorious Secret
Team members: Ashley (Wetzel) Davel ’09, Skye Goode ’07, Toni Durham ’08, Jess Kriegel ’08 & Tabby Huth ‘10

5th Place: Spiked Punch
Team members: Cassie Harder ’08, Stephanie Attoe ’08, Jena Ehlen ’08, Tiffany Hediger ’08, Kati Chadwick ’08 & Sammie Pfeiffer “11

6th Place: Served Hot
Team members: Jessica (Loomis) Harder ’09, Suzie (Schoen) Lindenman ’03, Sarah Settingsgard ’10, Tia Opelt ’10, Caitlyn Courtney ’10 & Mindy (Opelt) Kren ’06

7th Place: Death From Above:
Team members: Casandra Craig, ’10, Mckenzie Trunkel ’12, Corina Craig ’12, Sam (Mitchell) Waltemate ’04 & Sam McDonald ‘04

Playoffs: 1st Place: One Hit Wonders defeated Kiss My Pass
2nd Place: UTI;s defeated Having Fun & Still Playing
3rd Place: Amanda’s Amoral, Awesome Athletes defeated Hit-Eattin Grinners

The organizers of the event would also like to thank the Neillsville School District for the use of the Fieldhouse, the Neillsville Recreation Department for organizing the tourney & members of the NHS volleyball team who donated their time to officiate. Eighty two women played with the proceeds of $410 donated to a Neillsville Alumnus who is battling cancer.

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