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More From Neillsville School District's Annual and Special Board Meeting
Thursday, August 29th, 2013 -- 8:39 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Neillsville School Board filled another position during their special meeting held after the Annual Meeting on Monday evening.

A wage increase was approved for the Confidential Support Staff for the upcoming school year. The board approved Leah Boon as the new Middle and High School Guidance Counselor. Finally, the board adopted Policy G and Policy IGDJA.

During the Annual Meeting portion of the evening, District Administrator John Gaier went over Fund 80 and how that money is broken down. Fund 80 is the money the district uses for community services. The board set the amount at 75,000 and it has been that way for several years.

The money for Fund 80 is broken down thusly: 50% of the funds, or $27,000, is used for the recreation director’s salary as Neillsville is partnered with the recreation department, 33%, or $16,400 is used for custodial salary when activities take place at the school and 25%, or $31,600 is used for utilities for recreational activities or when groups hold events at the school.

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