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Public Works Report at Recent Neillsville City Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 -- 8:24 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Snow removal was the theme for Dave Flynnís, Director of Public Works, report at the recent Neillsville city council meeting.

Dave gave a brief rundown of all the work he and his crew has been doing in getting the snow off the streets and sidewalks. He also mentioned that he has the usual suspects when it comes to non-compliance regarding the removal of snow form their sidewalks. He informed the council that the cemetery road will not be plowed as they donít want to push the gravel into the grass.

Dave also mentioned two things that the city will hear a lot about in the upcoming weeks: phosphorous removal and replacing water meters.

The DNR has established miniscule levels of phosphorous allowed in city water, putting must cities over the limit. The city will have to look at methods to get to appropriate levels by treating or completely removing it from the water. An engineer may be needed to help with the problem.

As for the water meters, the city is going to have to replace all the brass water meters as they contain trace amounts of lead. The city plans on starting in 2014, the cost will be reflected in utility rates, and if the city attempted to replace all 1180 meters now, it would cost over 200,000 dollars.

Dave also mentioned the usual amount of maintenance and work done. He also said the cityís contracted CFC inspector is retiring.

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