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Be Cautious if You Plan to Donate on Giving Tuesday...
Monday, December 2nd, 2019 -- 12:45 pm
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WRN) -Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, but before you make a donation, make sure you're giving money to the right group.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, but before you find a cause to donate to, make sure it's a good one. State consumer protection administrator Michelle Reinen says you have to be careful with efforts you see on social media or Go Fund Me.

"But it's not regulated in the same fashion, necessarily, as when you are giving to a nationally recognized and well known established charity."

Reinen says you should research your charity online with Charity Navigator or Give Dot Org.

"So again, you can be comfortable with the funds you give to them if it aligns with what you expect or desire that charity do with the funds."

Reinen says one common scam is people calling you up to say you're getting a gift or a grant or some other sort of donation. All you have to do, is pay for the so called processing fees or turn over personal data.

"And then you never see the thing you were enticed with: that grant or that gift card. But yet you've handed over all your personal information, and that has incredible value."

As usual, if someone's trying to sell you something or offer you something out of the blue over the phone, get it in writing first and then decide if you want anything to do with it.

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