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Wisconsin Speaker Says There's No Need to Change Foxconn Deal
Friday, April 19th, 2019 -- 12:03 pm
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WRN) -Speaker Robin Vos says there is no need to change the Foxconn deal.

This after Governor Evers said the company won't hire a promised 13-thousand people and would like to renegotiate the deal. Vos tells WISN's Jay Weber that if Foxconn doesn’t hire that many people, the company already won’t get its full set of tax breaks.

"It is beyond my level of understanding to think that a Governor of Wisconsin is rooting for the failure of the largest economic development project in our state's history!"

Vos says he wonders if Governor Evers wants the Foxconn deal to fail and that if he’s worried about Foxconn not hiring 13-thousand people, then he should leave the contract with the company as-is.

"Might it take longer, might it happen another way, might they do it in a way that creates higher paying jobs? I mean, all of those are potential scenarios, but I have certainly have never had them say we're going to only have half the jobs we promised."

Vos says Democrats may be trying to sabotage Foxconn in Wisconsin, to pin the blame on President Trump.

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