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Granton Village Board Discusses Purchasing Property on Main Street
Friday, August 10th, 2018 -- 8:00 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Granton Village Board discussed a proposal to purchase property on Main Street at their meeting on Wednesday.

According to the unofficial minutes from the meeting, the village submitted a proposal to purchase the property at 516 S. Main Street and received a purchase agreement from the seller. The agreement included an addendum. The Village’s lawyer reviewed the purchase order and addendum and approved the purchase agreement only and provided we remove line 434 from the agreement. This line states that if there are any discrepancies between the purchase order and the addendum, the addendum rules. The lawyer advised we should not sign or agree to the addendum. First the addendum allows for a quit claim deed while the purchase order states a warranty deed. The lawyer pointed out several other discrepancies-most pertaining to timing and irrelevance.

The clerk also researched the property and found several things including per the county office, taxes owed are $221.17. Per Register of Deeds, there are no current mortgages on this property. Per the Clerk of Courts, there was one judgement filed against the previous owner and that judgment was satisfied due to bankruptcy. Per Clark County Zoning, there are no issues listed for this property outside any village ordinances. There is a well on this property and the estimated cost to close the well will be 1-2 thousand dollars. An Asbestos test was performed on the house and the cost for the testing was $1,275. The cost for the asbestos abatement is estimated at $4000.

Also, per the DNR, the house can be burned once the asbestos is removed. The burning permit is $100. If the building is burned, there will be additional costs to remove the concrete basement and for back fill. And per the Assessor the land value is $7000. The board discussed the estimated costs of cleaning up the property. A motion to offer $7000 and the village will assume the costs of the asbestos abatement, the demolition of the house and the well closing was made and approved. The board discussed the asbestos report and agreed that if anyone wanted copies of the report the cost would be $800.

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