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Wood County Hosting 2018 Farm Technology Days, Part 3
Monday, April 16th, 2018 -- 12:30 pm
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-Wood County will be hosting the 2018 Farm Technology Days in July.

Farm Technology Days is being held from July 10th-12th and hosted by the Sternweise and Heiman Families. I spoke with Pat Sternitzky, of the Wisconsin Ag Connection and Chair of the Wood County Farm Technology Days Promotions Committee. Pat continued our interview by talking about some new and returning features to this year’s show.

"We are going to do the traditional farm tour of the Sternweise Farms. You can ride a bus and go through the barn and see the operation. We're also doing virtual tours, which is like a video tour of Nasonville Dairy, Heiman Holsteins and the Weber's Farm Store Facility. So, when you go into tent city, there's going to be booths where you can watch that and ask questions. So, that's going to be one of the neat ones."

"Another real cool one is, Farm Technology Days, the last couple years, has had an area called Innovation Square, which is in the heart of tent city and it has a lot of newer innovations in agriculture. They're digging a miniature cranberry marsh. So people who've never seen a marsh up close and personal can come out and see how cranberries are planted, how they're grown, how they're harvested. You'll get a nice close look at that."

"This isn't finalized yet, but we're talking with the airport about maybe doing flyovers if people want to see tent city from the sky, so that's another new one."

"And then a really cool one, there's a lot of farmers who love Oliver Tractors, the old green tractors. This is really cool, the National Oliver Collectors, they have an annual collection and they hold it in different states. Wisconsin is going to host it this year by the Badgerland Collectors. They came to us and said, 'lets do this together!' So, there's going to be 100 Oliver Tractors in tent city for people to see and of course the people are in town for their convention too. So, there's some really cool things happening!"

"Lastly, the youth tent is bringing in one of the Green Bay Packers, which is going to be kinda cool for the kids to come and see that. So, there's going to be lots of things going on including farm tours and field demonstrations."

Coming up on Tuesday, Pat will explain something special they’re doing for the 65th Anniversary of the show.

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