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Bomb Scare in Marshfield
Friday, January 12th, 2018 -- 11:34 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

(WDLB) -Two fireworks mortar shells taped into pieces of PVC pipe are responsible for a bomb scare in Marshfield on Thursday.

Police chief Rick Gramza says the device was found at a home on Lincoln Avenue just off West McMillen north of Highway 13 on the city’s northwest side. Gramza said officers responded to what looked at first like a pipe bomb"and they had reason to think a threat had been made. Gramza said the device was PVC piping taped together and there were some large fireworks mortars that were packed inside, and they were aimed toward the residence. The Marathon County Bomb Squad was deployed to Marshfield for a closer look and to x-ray the device.

While two of the fireworks mortar shells were found intact, charring was found on the PVC pipe indicating that two other mortars may have actually ignited. Marshfield Police will be conducting a full investigation of the incident. Gramza says there’s a person of interest they’re looking at, and officers are still trying to gather some of the details, and put their investigation together.

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