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No Make Up Days for Greenwood School District...For Now
Wednesday, February 19th, 2014 -- 10:37 am
Posted by Riley Hebert-News Director

-The Greenwood School Board discussed make up days at their Monday meeting.

So far this year, Greenwood has had four snow days and two earlier release days for inclement weather. They also have a few other early release days for in-service/records days. The district has 180 student contact days in their calendar as do most schools in the state. The Department of Public Instruction requires Greenwood, and other districts, to meet a certain amount of instructional minutes each year.

Greenwood has decided that they do not need to make these days up at this time because they will meet the required minutes of instruction as required by the DPI.

If Greenwood has any further inclement weather days the district will need to start making up days; the entire day, if it is a full snow day, or add minutes to their day, if they have early releases or late starts to make up. Any make up days will be done at the end of the school year and if they need to make up minutes this may be done during fourth quarter. Some have suggested using Easter Break to make up days, but Greenwood’s Superintendent, Jennifer Vogler, wasn’t comfortable with the idea as many plan family trips at that time.

If Greenwood has any time that needs to be made up, Miss Vogler will make these recommendations to the school board for their final approval.

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