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40% Of Americans Support Ban On Tackle Football Before H.S.
Friday, November 15th, 2013 -- 1:25 pm
Posted by Larry Hoeser, Sports Director

Sports Illustrated is reporting that more than 40 percent of 1,003 American adults surveyed said they support a ban on youth contact football before high school, according to polling conducted by Robert Morris University.

The nationwide survey, which ran from Oct. 23 until Nov. 1, sampled proportional to state population.

While 40.5 percent of respondents said they support a ban on youth contact football, 48.4 percent were opposed to a ban and 11.1 percent said they were unsure. But an even greater percentage, 47.6, said they support a ban on youth contact football prior to middle school.

Of males surveyed who played contact football, 38.2 percent supported a ban prior to high school and 44.3 before middle school.

According to, this study comes after one by HBO Real Sports and Marist University that found one-third of Americans are less likely to let their son play football because of head injury risk, and after it was reported that youth football participation has dropped 9.5 percent since 2010.

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